Safety grants to prevent fires of an electrical nature closes on 28 May

The Electrical Safety Council would like to encourage more applications from Northern Ireland for their annual Fire Safety Fund. The ESC only received a few applications from NI last year and would like to receive more this year.

The Electrical Safety Council's Electrical Fire Safety Fund is now open and applicants are invited to apply for up to £5,000 per project.

The funding is available to community consumer-safety services including Fire & Rescue Services and Trading Standards teams to deliver fire prevention initiatives at local level that aim to effectively tackle the causes of electrically-related fires.

The Fund aims to provide direct benefit to local communities through project-based partnerships that will deliver outcomes which will, in the long term, contribute to a reduction in the number of accidental fires and associated injuries in UK homes caused by electricity.

The ESC will give preference to projects that focus on tackling the causes and effects of electrically-related fires, as detailed below* and, in particular, those which aim to increase the public's awareness of electrical safety and promote appropriate changes in behaviour that will lead to the safe use of electrical appliances and installations.

Preference will be given to projects that seek to address the problems of misuse and/or lack of maintenance of electrical appliances.

  • 50% of all reported accidental fires in UK homes are caused by electricity - that's around 21,000 fires
  • 89% of electrically-related fires are caused by electrical appliances, and 11% by the electrical installation (wiring)

Every year on average, 49 people die and 3,500 are injured as a result of an electrically-related fire incident;

Of those fires in 2007:

  • 51% were due to misuse;
  • 37% were caused by a fault; and
  • 12% caused by articles too close to heat

To apply, complete the application form by downloading it at

Completed applications should be submitted to <>  by Monday, 28th May 2012.

Applications are open until Monday, 28 May 2012. Decisions on applications will be advised to applicants during w/c 11 June 2012. Successful applicants will be expected to complete activity by the end of March 2013.